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Individuals who have attended Kristie's workshops have expressed to me how valuable the information has been to their lives – even coming up to me when I am out in the community to share how the techniques and exercises they learned are helping them to move better and experience less pain. One participant exclaimed that attending the workshop was the best money she had ever spent! We are grateful to have such a knowledgeable presenter working with the participants in our community.

Pat Busch, Brooklyn Park - Program Supervisor, Recreation and Parks

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Your presentation yesterday was "awesome" - the whole group was awed.  One group member went home and started already on the feet exercises and she said she noticed a difference today. We look forward to when you come back and hope we can attend another presentation!  Thank you and thanks to your boss or whomever provided the time for you to come present to us - tell them you are GREAT at presenting.  

TOPS Leader 1031 - Osseo City Hall

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Kristie spoke for our Take off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) regional rally. With her sense of humor and knowledge on foot health she was able to walk us (no pun intended) through feet exercises as a first step (haha) to better health. The group was so motivated after her presentation, several stayed to ask more questions and the participants requested she come back again to future rallies.

Barbara S. - TOPS Area Captain (Central Division) 

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Thanks again Kristie for the Release, Roll and Flow workshop last night! I wanted to share that my Dad used these techniques before bed last night and again this morning. Big deal!! We have both become accustomed to feeling and living with pain so it is SO significant to feel a sort of "instant gratification" with pain management, and also to have techniques that we can do independently. You make lifestyle changes easy which so few people can say. You have made so many positive impacts on our family's health and we will always be so grateful to you! 

Michelle M. - Maple Grove

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Thanks so much for the Foot Pain Relief workshop. You helped affirm much of what I had been thinking in my ongoing struggles with my body structure issues. I'm determined to get off my dependence on orthotics and regain some strength in my legs and feet. When I went to physical therapy I thought for sure I'd get exercises for my feet but instead got sent for orthotics and my feet have gotten much worse, I have had to wear shoes most of the time now. Thanks again for the enlightenment!  Loved the class, so did my friend who attended.

Kathy F. - Princeton 

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