Chair/Cardio Dance Yoga and Yoga Stretch at home with Zoom

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Chair Dance Yoga 9:00-9:35am

Yoga Stretch 9:40-10:15am 

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Chair/Cardio Dance Yoga

Perform choreographed movements to upbeat music from all genres from the safety of your chair, or while standing, or a combination of both - YOU decide! Increase flexibility, coordination, brain function, spinal health, cognitive ability/memory, and overall health and well-being while having FUN!

Yoga Stretch

Experience the benefits of yoga while using a chair for support or balance assistance. Movements will incorporate elements of alignment while improving mobility, flexibility, balance, range of motion, body awareness and strength. Class will move through a series of seated and standing poses and include balance and stretching exercises. No experience needed!

Cost: FREE for SilverSneakers members ($2 without SS membership)

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Steps to Join:

1. Print and sign this SilverSneakers waiver 

2a. Scan or take a picture and email waiver to 

2b. Include SilverSneakers number (or legal name, DOB and zip code) in email

3. Download Zoom to your computer or device

4. Zoom link to join the class will be emailed to you

City of Brooklyn Park Daytime Classes

Register by calling the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center at 763-493-8333.

Classes are FREE for SilverSneakers, Silver&Fit, and RenewActive members.

Anyone can attend these classes - you do not need to be a Brooklyn Park resident. 

SilverSneakers Enerchi

EnerChi is comprised of easy-to-learn, modified tai chi forms aimed at improving well-being. Low-impact movements are practiced in a slow, flowing sequence to progress strength, balance and focus. Chair support is offered to facilitate standing stability and seated exercise options.

Level one intensity. 

Tuesdays, 9:00-9:45am (online via zoom)

(Will meet in-person again once restrictions are modified) 

SS Enerchi from website.JPG

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Movement Fusion

Combine Pilates, barre, balance and body-weight strength movements together to create a fun, but challenging, total-body workout to improve both muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance using fast changing, low impact movements followed by core work performed on the floor. Small exercise ball and chair for safety recommended. Level four intensity. 

Tuesdays, 10:00-10:45am (online via zoom)

(Will meet in-person again once restrictions are modified) 

City of Maple Grove Evening Classes



Yogilates combines the slow controlled breathing and stretching of yoga, with the core strengthening of Pilates. This class is designed to reduce stress, relieve tension, and calm the mind while also increasing strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Class sessions will include yoga and Pilates exercises, balance poses, stretching and a stress-reducing, relaxation segment. Options and modifications will be given to include beginner to intermediate levels.


Join us for a group fitness class that combines Pilates, dance, yoga and sculpting movements. Using bodyweight, this class challenges the entire body, especially the muscles of the legs, butt and core to tighten and tone, without adding bulk. This class will enhance flexibility and both muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance through fast-paced, low-impact movements. Whether performing exercises laying down, seated, or standing, the focus is always on maintaining proper alignment and core stabilization to create a fun, yet challenging, workout experience. This class is designed for healthy individuals with no previous dance experience.

Tuesdays, 5:50-6:50pm - Shoppes of Arbor Lakes

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga provides “me” time by allowing us to breathe and focus on ourselves in the present moment. Relaxing into a series of gentle yoga poses facilitates stress reduction and health, while also nourishing the body. Enjoy the luxury of experiencing poses for a longer period of time than traditional yoga poses, while various props are used to support the body to encourage the release of both muscular and emotional tightness. Benefits of restorative yoga include enhancing flexibility, boosting the immune system, balancing the nervous system and improving the capacity for healing. This class is appropriate for all levels and no previous yoga experience is needed. 

Realign, Rebalance, Restore

Extend the life of your body! What if the majority of our ailments could be alleviated just by moving differently? Using whole-body alignment and gentle exercises, movements and adjustments, we will learn to move in a way that creates more mobility, reduces tension, heals tissues, decreases pain/inflammation, builds strength and stability, and extends the life of our tissues and joints. If you are ready to unlearn the habits that have gotten you into pain - this class is for you. Individuals who sit regularly and/or are experiencing any of the following may find the exercises especially helpful in restoring function: back, hip, knee or foot pain; pelvic floor dysfunction; diastasis recti; or plantar fasciitis. 

Twin Cities Orthopedics - Maple Grove

(next to Aldi)



Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is designed to build strength, increase your flexibility, and calm your mind. A sequence of postures are broken down to deepen your practice while flowing through a vinyasa-style yoga connecting both breath and body movement. Yoga Flow is a 60-minute class with music that will re-energize and reconnect your mind and body.  All levels welcome. 

Thursdays 12:00-1:00pm   (Resuming as soon as allowed)

City Of Dayton

(class held at Dayton Activity Center) 

 More information:

Tuesday Tai Chi and Toast 

​We will be feeding body, mind, and soul with our Tuesday Tai Chi & Toast program.  Each Tuesday throughout April & May we will hosting a 45-minute Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention class with instructor Kristie Walker from Just Breathing LLC followed by Toast with Teresa that will feature a new and nutritious way to prepare this simple breakfast staple each week!

A little about Tai Chi:

Tai Chi includes gentle flowing movements that are both healing & mindful.  It can be done from a standing or seated position, with breaks allowed at any time.  Benefits include improvement in posture, balance, range of motion, strength, confidence, and mind-body integration.  Tai Chi has been called “medication in motion” by the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi.  This form of Tai Chi focuses on safety and has been scientifically proven to help with fall prevention.  It is recognized as effective by the CDC, Agency on Aging, and the Arthritis Foundation.

Tuesdays in April and May 9:00am   (Recheduled as soon as allowed)

Just Breathing LLC