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Just Breathing, LLC workshops are available on a variety of topics and are a good fit for individuals and employees of all ages and backgrounds.


Program Coordinators: Interested in scheduling a presentation? Workshops can be presented at your location and have included Corporations, School Districts, Community Education and Park and Recreation organizations.

Email for more information on hosting a 30 minute to 2 hour workshop!

Surprisingly Simple Ways to Improve Your Whole-Body Health


No exercise or extra time needed. Dramatically improve the way your body feels by subtly changing how you move and what decisions you make throughout the day.


Discover how to create more strength and mobility, decrease pain and injury, and how to extend the function and longevity of your body by simply becoming aware of, and gradually adjusting, how you perform your regular day-to-day activities. 

Sit up straight with dowel.JPG

Change the way you move = change the way you feel.

City of Rogers 
Community Activity Center
Monday, July 15th - 9:30-11:30am
Register with Teresa - call 763.428.0600 or email:
Pay $29 to Rogers with cash or check by June 8th

Dynamic Aging 

Aging is inevitable – aches and pains are not!

Change the way you move, and you can immediately change the way you feel.

Through simple movements and alignment techniques, Dynamic Aging exercises assist in:


  • developing whole-body health

  • discovering pain relief

  • building strength and stability

  • reestablishing alignment and balance

  • creating more mobility

  • reducing tension

  • decreasing pain/inflammation

  • improving overall wellbeing

You will have the opportunity to actively participate while standing in socks or bare feet.

Watch the authors of the book on the Today show here:

(Start at minute 2:10)

Dynamic Aging book cropped.jpg

Keep Moving in Place

Don't Just Sit There book.JPG

Don't Just Sit There!  Learn how to be stationary without being sedentary.

Boost energy, increase creativity, and feel better physically - all WHILE working!

We can improve our overall health, even if we sit or stand at a desk most of the day, through simple, but often challenging, adjustments and exercises regarding how we sit, stand, and move our body.

This presentation is interactive and will include explanations for both movement rationale and execution. Come prepared to learn, strengthen and stretch both physically and mentally!

Attendees will be empowered to attain whole body improvements by:

  • exploring how to move better and recruit muscles differently to workout while standing or sitting

  • discovering how to move more throughout the day by creating a more dynamic workstation

  • recognizing how one simple decision made every morning effects our body the entire day

  • understanding how to consistently use our muscles to support us to strengthen our body, limit wear and tear, and prevent aches and pains

Foot Pain Relief - What Your Podiatrist Probably Isn't Telling You

Feet are our foundation – let’s give them the attention they deserve! Discover how simple movements and adjustments in alignment can create foot strength and mobility while relieving pain and discomfort. Join us to learn:

  • alignment points to alleviate foot pain and pressure (plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas, arthritis, etc.)

  • how shoe choice affects the entire body (not just foot health)

  • five main components to look for in shoes/footwear

  • the ideal role of orthotics

  • exercises to move, stretch, and strengthen the muscles of the feet and lower leg

You will have the opportunity to actively participate in the gentle exercises while standing in socks or bare feet.

Foot roll.jpg

Better Balance, Fewer Falls

KK balance.jpg

Creating balance in all areas is an essential part of life - and that includes keeping physical balance. Unlike typical fall prevention programs that focus on balance exercises and removing rugs or fall hazards from the home, this workshop focuses on corrective exercise for whole-body health that simultaneously improves balance and stability. Workshop participants will:


  • discover how to adjust body alignment for improvement in balance, coordination, and whole-body health

  • stretch and strengthen the feet and lower legs to wake up the function of the muscles and nerves necessary for balance and stability

  • develop techniques to regain balance that can be easily added into everyday life without taking extra time away from a busy schedule

  • understand how sitting too much and too often effects balance and coordination

  • realize what types of shoes to select to reduce tripping and/or falling


Movements and gentle exercises will be completed standing, in socks or bare feet.

City of Rogers 
Community Activity Center
Monday, June 10th - 9:30-11:30am
Register with Teresa - call 763.428.0600 or email:
Pay $29 to Rogers with cash or check by June 3rd

Whole New Approach to Core Strength

Forget about outdated exercises like crunches to train the core! Discover how gentle, but effective, exercises and habit changes can improve abdominal and back strength and function. This workshop will be largely educational with the opportunity to practice a few core exercises from seated or standing. Join us to uncover the solution to core weakness.

Core - closet background.JPG

Core and More

Strap stretch - feet to strap.jpg

Expand your new knowledge learned in the Whole New Approach to Core Strength workshop by safely performing exercises to create both core stability and flexibility.  Learn how to protect the back/spine while simultaneously creating endurance in the muscles that support and control the abdominals, back and pelvis. Introduce your core to exercises you have never done before! Participants who attended the Whole New Approach to Core Strength workshop will gain the most benefit and understanding from this workshop. Please bring a mat for floor work. 

Functional, Fit and Fun Mom (of all ages)

Discover how to be the best physical version of yourself to be able to play with your children (or grandchildren or pets) and to safely participate in the fitness activities you enjoy, without leaking. This workshop will primarily focus on strategies for relief from diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms via an understanding of pressure management and balanced core engagement. As a mom, you do so much for others, so take this opportunity to focus on you and your wellbeing. 

Pregnancy bump Brittani.png

Fit and Functional

Extend the life of your body! Achieve functional longevity and expand the benefits of your exercise practice/workout routine to extend the life of your body and to allow you to continue doing what you love – whether that is keeping up with the grandkids, aging in place/living independently for longer, or continuing to enjoy your hobbies.

Discover how incorporating biomechanics (subtle, yet effective, adjustments in body alignment and form) can:

  • increase range of motion & flexibility

  • prevent injury

  • improve balance

  • challenge your body in new ways

  • increase strength beyond what you thought possible

Gain the most benefit from every movement and exercise you perform.  Your workouts will never be the same again!

Hip hinge.JPG
Back Pain  - Michelle.JPG

Secrets to Relieving Back Pain

Discover brand new ways to align and move your body to alleviate and prevent muscular back pain. Uncover how these previously unknown, but simple and effective, adjustments in body positioning can erase back pain and discomfort. Presenter endured 20+ years of chronic low back pain that quickly vanished after incorporating these adjustments into everyday life. This workshop will be mostly interactive as participants learn and practice the exercise techniques. Join us to learn how to alleviate low back pain and improve overall whole-body health! 

Release, Roll and Flow

Take control of how your body feels! Alleviate aches and pains, reduce muscle tension, improve posture and joint range of motion, increase circulation and promote relaxation through self-massage. Muscle and tissue release techniques are easy to learn and a must for everyone to improve function, mobility, performance and overall well-being. Please bring a mat and a foam roller (if you own one), tennis balls and a few sample foam rollers will be provided.

Quads foam roll.JPG
Hip Hinge.jpg

Moving Beyond Yoga

Extend the benefits of your yoga practice beyond anything you have experienced before. Discover how incorporating biomechanics (subtle, yet effective, adjustments in body alignment and poses) can increase your strength, prevent injury, challenge your body in new ways, and increase range of motion and flexibility beyond what you previously thought possible. Whether you are new to yoga and want to learn how to perform each pose for maximum benefit, or whether you are an experienced yoga student who wants to experience each pose as if it is brand new – this workshop is for you!

Moving Beyond Yoga 2

Continue to break down biomechanics in an easy-to-understand way while expanding your knowledge of body alignment and the benefits of incorporating small, but powerful, adjustments to your yoga poses. Enhance your yoga practice for maximum strength, flexibility, and mobility, while decreasing risk of injury in both the short and long-term. Explore how to move effectively for upper body and core strength, spinal mobility, and back health and safety. Bring a mat and come prepared to have your yoga practice positively changed forever. Wear comfortable clothing as we will be moving and practicing poses the entire workshop.

Participation in Moving Beyond Yoga workshop (level one) is highly recommended prior to attending this workshop.

Down Dog.JPG
Criss cross applesauce supine.JPG

Reclaim Your Life Force

free breathing drawing photo.jpg

Breathing is the most fundamental function of the human body. Experience more energy, better health, and the skills to reduce stress and anxiety both immediately and long-term - a higher quality of breath results in a higher quality of life.

What to expect: a short discussion about the anatomy and science of the breath, followed by experiencing several breathing techniques that we can immediately use in our daily lives.

About Life Force: The idea of a life force is present in many of the world's cultures and ancient traditions, and it is often linked to the breath - an essential part of life that is often overlooked. In today’s society, our lifestyles are fast-paced, and we often forget how to breathe for well-being and quality of life.

Restorative yoga outside.jfif

Aware breathing results in both physical and mental benefits that include:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress

  • Improving memory, focus and concentration

  • Increasing energy/decreasing fatigue 

  • Improving sleep (decreasing ongoing brain “chatter”)

  • Releasing endorphins (pain management)  

  • Improving conditions and ailments such headaches, elevated blood pressure, and GI issues

  • Encouraging mindful eating

  • Increasing metabolism

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Improving mood

Better breathing is the first step to a better quality of life. 

Free Just Breathe.jpg
City of Rogers 
Community Activity Center
Monday, August 19th - 9:30-11:30am
Register with Teresa - call 763.428.0600 or email:
Pay $29 to Rogers with cash or check by August 12th 
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