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I started private training with Kristie after struggling with plantar fasciitis and hip pain when walking even short distances.   After the first session I knew my husband would really benefit as well, so he started coming along.  Kristie’s approach of teaching and her excellent sense of humor really engages us and helps us learn – she provides detailed explanation, demonstration of exercises, and repetition so we know we’re doing our homework correctly.  After the first few sessions we both already saw marked improvement.  We feel empowered to know how to prepare for hikes, how to help our bodies during and after hiking, and I can finally sleep through the night without hip pain waking me up.  We are so happy we connected with Kristie!

Tammie and Todd - Zimmerman


Thank you so much for your thoughtful, thorough instruction and guidance.  The Realign, Rebalance, and Restore class truly helped me regain foot function and flexibility. Three years ago I ruptured a tendon in my left foot and since then have had significant pain. I had pain while walking, pain while stretching and especially pain when not wearing shoes at home. Through practicing the techniques you taught, I have improved my balance, flexibility and my feet no longer hurt! I am able to be shoe free again! Thank you so much!

Danielle M. - Maple Grove

Tom and Patty.jpeg

I started the Realign, Rebalance and Restore and Mat Yoga classes taught by Kristie two months ago with a desire to improve my flexibility and balance. The Realign, Rebalance and Restore class exceeded my expectations by teaching how to correctly move in alignment and use our muscles in ways that reduce wear on the body and minimize injury risk. The classes and exercises have pretty much eliminated a back muscle that had been bothering me for the past nine months. Both my balance and flexibility have improved. My ballroom dance teacher has commented more than once that these classes appear to be improving how I move and perform as a competitive amateur ballroom dancer.  Kristie, I enjoy your detailed explanations when you teach and your great passion for teaching.

Tom K. - Brooklyn Center


I attended the Roll Out & Tune up class, and was immediately hooked!  That magical little pink ball that is used to roll out muscles has been such a lifesaver, particularly during quarantine.  As a person who has attended many different fitness classes, and organizes recreation activities for a living, I can honestly say that Kristie is one of the best instructors in her field.  She is knowledgeable, organized, and has excellent candor with participants.  Her classes were always a bright spot during my day, and I look forward to having her teach at the Dayton Activity Center.

Teresa S. - City of Dayton Activity Center Coordinator

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I started the Realign, Rebalance and Restore class and noticed a marked improvement in the discomfort of my low back. I attribute that change to both the exercises and one simple recommendation from class that I have made consistently when driving. My back now feels very well supported and relaxed. I have completed approximately 3 months of the Realign, Rebalance and Restore class and I no longer feel sore or as tight in my entire body, as well as I have more flexibility and feel stronger. Additionally, I have developed a backside (glute muscles) for the first time!  Kristie, thanks for the great handouts and your dedication to a healthier lifestyle, pain free. 

C.D. - Maple Grove Park and Recreation Participant

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Cindy: After attending the Roll Out and Tune Up class, we now have techniques to deal with tight muscles that cause discomfort. I am also more agile in the house – in the kitchen and while cleaning I can kneel down and reach things easier, etc. About 2pm every day I could tell by the grimace on Jack's face and the way he would walk that the pain in his feet from the arthritis was getting really bad. That doesn’t happen anymore – he doesn’t have the pain.

Jack: Arthritis doesn't go away, but I don't have as much foot pain now. It's to the point where I don't even think about it and, to me, that's success! I have even cut down on my pain medications. Because we were never exposed to any of these techniques to relieve pain before, Kristie is a hero in our family.

Cindy and Jack W. - Brooklyn Park

Dawn M.JPG

My feet stopped hurting in the first 5 minutes. 

Dawn M. - Maple Grove

Sandy and Kay cropped.jpg

What I have learned since attending the Realign, Rebalance, and Restore class and following the movements Kristie teaches is that to have a healthy body you need to move that body in proper alignment. It just makes sense! We all have our own areas that bother us or actually hurt, but we keep moving in the same way and then aggravate or compensate, without benefit, or we stop moving. Kristie guides you to get your body into cooperative alignment. Again, it just makes sense.

It does take time and a bit of effort to challenge your own body and think differently about moving. I am glad I took the challenge and have benefited by having less lower back pain, less upper shoulder and neck pain, and have improved walking and going up and down stairs. It also is easier to climb a step stool or ladder with confidence as I have the balance and strength to do it.

My friend, Sandy, does a lot of hiking and also has challenged herself to use proper alignment points and has found that she can walk further and stronger because she doesn’t tire and her balance is better on rough terrain. We also both like the Roll Out and Tune Up class for the stretch and release of tight muscles which in turn helps keep the body aligned. It all goes together… and guess what Sandy says?  “It just makes sense.”

Kay B. and Sandy C. - Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park.jpg

I attended Kristie’s Roll Out and Tune Up classes for more than a year. While following the Stay at Home order (and not as active as I had been), I developed aches and pains that I am able to relieve using the techniques I learned from Kristie. I am so grateful to have the tools to feel better and move freely. Many, many thanks.

Diane R. - Brooklyn Park

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