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I have been taking yoga classes for the past 20 years. I never knew if I was doing the pose correctly or incorrectly until attending Kristie's Mat yoga class. Kristie doesn’t just tell you to do a pose but she instructs on how to position your body in the pose and where in your body you should feel the strength of the pose. In addition, Kristie has a Kinesiology degree and therefore always teaching to do poses correctly - not only to improve strength and mobility, but also prevention of injury. 


Since taking Kristie’s Mat yoga, Roll Out and Tune Up, and Realign, Rebalance and Restore classes, I have found improved mobility in my range of motion, improved balance and have learned techniques to reduce the discomfort in my hips and shoulders. If you are interested in improving or maintaining mobility to ensure continued independence in your life, sign up for Kristie's classes. With her instruction you will be on your way to self initiated care.

Sharon D. - Brooklyn Park

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I never knew what people meant when they say 'that class changed my life' until I started taking Kristie's Barrelates class. I've had some pretty intense spinal issues almost my entire life due to an accident as a child, and even after many years of massage therapy and exercising on my own, nothing has made anywhere near the impact that Kristie has made in only a few months. And she does it so effortlessly and makes it easy to learn - even when we can REALLY feel all the work we're doing! Every single week I feel a difference in my alignment, balance, and muscle tone, and every single week I go home happier and healthier than I was before. It's hard to really put into words how big of an impact she's made and how truly grateful I am for how the class has helped me. Barrelates has become one of my new all-time favorite things. I really can't imagine life without it! Even if you take the whole working out part out of the equation, Kristie makes the environment a fun one that we look forward to being a part of. Every week she asks each of us to give a highlight of the past week which not only helps us to focus on the positives but also allows us to get to know one another better. I live a very busy life and sometimes I have to miss out on commitments, but the one thing I will never let myself miss is this class. I strongly recommend giving it a try. No matter what level of fitness you are at - or whether you have an injury like me - I feel confident that you will feel a difference!

Michelle M. - Maple Grove 

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Click this link to read Deb's Walk With Ease success story featured on the National Recreation and Parks Association website. 

Learn more about the program by watching the video below.

Deb L. - Brooklyn Park

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I used to attend classes in Brooklyn Park almost every day, but moved further away and joined a different facility for classes. However, I wasn't able to find a Chair Yoga class that compared to your class, so I come to Brooklyn Park every Tuesday and Thursday just to be in your classes. Your way of teaching is fun and very educational. Keep up the good work!

Sue S. - Coon Rapids

Tom H testimonial pic.jpg

I first met Kristie about three months after my back surgery when I joined the Walk With Ease (WWE) program. I explained to her my circumstances and I was impressed with her depth of knowledge. The WWE program improved my endurance and was so beneficial that I participated twice more! Kristie suggested that I also take her Chair Yoga and Realign, Rebalance and Restore class to continue my recovery and to help alleviate/avoid pain. The Chair Yoga class has allowed me to work on my breathing and relaxation, and I have had improvements in my sense of balance which I'd been struggling with since my back injury. The Realign, Rebalance and Restore class made additional improvements as well as adding more tools (exercises) to continue my progress. I intend to continue with Kristie's classes and would highly recommend them to others.

Tom H. - Brooklyn Park


When I decided to try a yoga class I didn’t know what a lucky decision I was making.  Not only did I get some movement and stretching, but with Kristie as the instructor I got so much more.  I received lessons on how to breathe, how to perform the poses correctly, and what area of my body was being worked.  The information Kristie included led to my taking other classes taught by her because I was learning so much and feeling so good.  In her classes I am learning healthy ways to take care of my body, everything from spine care to feet health.  While the equipment she employs is one’s own body, rather than weights or machines, I have still gained strength and mobility and even lost a little weight. Because of Kristie’s vast knowledge, her continued study, and her ability to share the information to ensure correct form and movement, I now happily carry her voice in my head, so that I can correct myself if I lapse into bad form even at home.  Kristie cares about long term heath and wellness for everyone and I am so glad I stepped into her yoga class!

Deb M. - Brooklyn Park


I must admit I was a bit skeptical about yoga, particularly chair yoga, to begin with.  However, I heard so many good things about it I decided to give it a try. Kristie teaches classes at the Brooklyn Park Community Center and she is fantastic! Using a combination of stretching and relaxation exercises, she doesn’t just show the movements and positions, she explains what we are doing and why, always emphasizing the breathing aspect. Not only do I look forward to going to classes, but I am trying to incorporate the breathing into my golf game. So far that hasn’t worked - ha! Finally, you have not lived until you have heard Kristie say the word stretch…..something like stretsssshhhhh! Namaste!

Brad N. - Brooklyn Park

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I primarily take Kristie’s Chair Yoga class at Brooklyn Park Community Center. It certainly goes far beyond that description. Kristie has movement exercises for the entire body that are thoroughly demonstrated and you are guided through them. From head to toe you have an incredible teacher helping your body function as it should.

Kristie is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher. She is able to provide instruction that you can use to move your body and restore its strength, mobility, and flexibility.

I highly recommend taking any of her classes. She is personable and fun, too.  She is the BEST!

Mary H. - Brooklyn Park

Diane K.jpg

Kristie - I want you to know I really have come a long way since attending your yoga class with my relaxation and balance! I have been bothered by vertigo for years and this has really helped. I had never done yoga ever before until your great class – thank you!

Diane K. - Brooklyn Park

zimmerman logo.JPG

I love our Tuesday night yoga session. It is my "me" time to do whatever I need - I could push it with the group or I could lay there and take a nap (and nobody would judge!) I love that Kristie gives us options but still guides if you want. As a first time yoga attendee she made it easy to join and ask any questions. I look forward to that time for me to refocus and find out what my body says I need.

Jessica G. - Zimmerman

Tina Miller 1 (1).jpg

I have been taking Kristie’s yoga class for about a year now and the results have been incredible. Very early on I noticed increased flexibility and before too long I began seeing improvement in my muscle tone and core strength. I have also enjoyed the stress-buster aspect of the class. I have incorporated one of the breathing techniques into my everyday life for stress relief and at night to help me fall asleep with astonishing results. 

No matter what level you are at in yoga, Kristie can accommodate your needs.  I joined as a beginner and felt no intimidation whatsoever.  It’s a very casual and relaxed atmosphere (fun, too!) I encourage everyone to try her classes!

Tina M. - Zimmerman

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