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Retrain the way you THINK.

Rethink the way you MOVE.

When we know better, we do better!

Thank you for visiting! My name is Kristie Walker and I am a movement specialist and certified corrective exercise specialist looking to connect with individuals who are looking to live a happier, healthier, and more mobile life.


When it comes to health, fitness and wellness there is a lot of conflicting information. Based on the work of biomechanist, Katy Bowman, I can help you determine what you specifically need to help your body work the way it was designed - enabling you to do more and live better, without aches and pains. My workshops, training sessions, and classes teach the tools and techniques you need to:​

  • Decrease and/or alleviate aches and pains

  • Reverse the effects of a sedentary office job

  • Move the way your body was designed to move

  • Extend the life of your body for lifelong function

  • Enable your body to perform better everyday so you can live life more fully


I have been a lifelong exerciser and my career has been spent working in the health and fitness industry. However, I found myself with a debilitating back injury, created from non-optimal movement patterns, that required surgery and recovery. This was proof that typical exercise and fitness is not the answer for lifelong health free of injuries. I now understand how alignment and HOW I was moving created my injury - as well as had caused my chronic low back pain I had experienced since college. Now I incorporate movement into my daily life so I move more often in unique ways, I move BETTER, and my body moves the way it did when I was younger. Simple techniques and a change in sub-optimal habits have relieved me from 20+ years of back pain that physical therapy and mainstream exercises could not. Join me (and others!) to discover YOUR path to improved health.


Are you ready to:

  • focus on wellness and giving your body the movement it needs to work its best? 

  • move and feel the way you did when you were younger?

  • alleviate aches and pains?​

  • restore and improve your balance?

  • improve everyday function and strength?

  • be able to physically do what you enjoy (travel, play with your children or grandchildren)?

  • think differently about movement and how you move in daily life? 

  • maintain functional independence to take care of yourself and live in your own home forever?


If you answered YES to any of the above, you have come to the right place!

This work is for anyone who is:

  • looking for better solutions than orthotics, surgery, cortisone injections, and pain-killers.

  • wanting to take control, get long-term answers, and stop wasting money on temporary measures that often don't work.

  • committed to self-care and making themselves a priority – even if it is for only for a few minutes each day.

  • excited to learn about their body - better movement is about active exploration, self-observation and personal growth.

  • open to the challenge of learning how to move their body optimally - don't be fooled, this IS a workout!

Enroll in a workshop, class or private session today to learn more! 

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It's not just about WHAT you do - but HOW you do it. 

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To view a full list of presentation offerings  and schedule click here

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Private Training

Everyone is unique and every body is different. Please click here if you would like more information about a one on one or small group session for individualized attention. 

Group Classes

To view class descriptions and schedule click here

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How you move matters!
Change the way you move, change the way you feel!

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