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Move to the Music /Cardio Dance Yoga (CDY)

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Kristie's CDY class is fun, energetic, has good music and the movements can be done sitting or standing by everyone. Give it a try.  You'll come back for more classes and will be telling your friends about it, too.

Sandie, Brooklyn Park 

It's a great start to the morning. It gives me energy for the day! 

Audrey, Maple Grove

I really enjoy your classes!  You make it easy and fun, so easy going.  I find myself laughing as I try to keep up with your moves.

Marlene, Bloomington

Thanks for providing your expertise in keeping us tuned up - especially during these times!

Joyce, Brooklyn Park

Kristie 's CDY class is the perfect start for every day.  The movements are smooth and easy to follow and the music choices are fun.  And, the time goes by so quickly that I am always surprised when it's time to begin the cool down song.  I'd recommend  this class for everyone.

Dianne, Brooklyn Park

It's a great way to limber up for the day. 

Dick, Maple Grove

CDY is a fun class. It’s a good way to start my day and Kristie is an excellent instructor.  She changes up the songs and movements so that nothing gets repetitious.  Keeps your mind and body working. 

Mary, Brooklyn Park

CDY gets my day off to a good start. It feels good to stretch and move, and the music is fun. Kristie is an excellent teacher. She is easy to follow in the moves. I am hoping to improve my coordination in this class.

Charlotte, Maple Grove

CDY adds some fun to your day while getting the benefits of stretching and movement. Kristie is a great instructor who teaches the moves, making it easy to follow.  This is a class you can do in your home, but feel like you are part of a group class.

Nancy, Brooklyn Park

What a great discovery! A fun and innovative way to exercise, with good music, helpful instruction and even assistance from cats!

Sharon, Maple Grove

I enjoy CDY so much that I am disappointed when the class ends. It feels more like fun than exercise but I know that I am getting both benefits.  I highly recommend it. 

Harriet, Fairmont

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with your online CDY Class. It is so much fun and is such an up-beat class. There is no other class out there quite like it. If you wind up teaching at a club - I’m definitely going to that club.

Sharon, Brooklyn Park

As I look around and see my peers struggling physically, I'm very thankful to have taken Kristie's classes for many years.  They have given me the ability to stay strong, flexible and to live an active life doing what I'm passionate about (dancing, gardening, and child care). 

If we want to continue doing what we love to do and remain youthful, stretching our bodies and challenging our brains are imperative.  Both of these things happen when we participate in the CDY classes.  The music is uplifting. The movements are so easy and joyful that we forget we're exercising.  We are just having fun with our new friends.

Jenny, Hopkins

I know as we age a bit, a lot of people want to exercise but are either bored with the same type of routines or simply think it is too hard to put in the effort. CDY gives the body a series of movements to get the body moving and stretching in a FUN way, while at the same time enjoying music we all know.  (It really is so fun!) We are doing some of the same movements as other programs, but it seems easier and quicker because it is so much FUN. I recommend that you try moving your body with CDY class!

Kay, Brooklyn Park 

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